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Grades 1-6:

8:00               Faculty meets for devotions, discussion and prayer
8:05               Playground opens – students arrive
8:20               School Day Begins
8:20-9:00       Chapel (first school day of the week)
11:50-12:30   Lunch Break for all grades
3:10               School dismissal


  1. Math:
    Saxon Math
  2. Science
    A Beka
  3. History/Geography:
    A Beka
  4. Bible: Building on the Rock (Summit Ministries)
  5. Handwriting: A Reason For
  6. Spelling: Bob Jones University Press
  7. English Language Arts: 
    Our language arts is taught using a variety of resources.  Over the past three years we have been transitioning our reading instruction to a workshop model.  Reading Workshop is a model of teaching reading that allows the teacher to teach a short mini-lesson to the entire class and then work with students one-on-one or with a small group of students that are at the same reading level.  This gives all students the opportunity to grow in their reading and understanding of text. In addition to Reading Workshop we continue teaching phonics/word study, spelling, handwriting and English. At HCA, our staff is committed to getting students prepared for where God may lead them after high school.  We have noticed a need to add more writing in our curriculum and will be working together as a staff to develop a plan to increase our writing and give students opportunities to write a variety of genres in every grade level.
  8. Computers/Technology:
    All students in grades K-6 are in the computer lab at least once a week to work on keyboarding and word processing skills.  Our classrooms have the latest Promethean Boards (interactive whiteboards.)

True Curriculum: While the above lists the physical curriculum in our building, we believe the true curriculum is our born again staff and the atmosphere in our building.  We expect our staff to bring Christ in everything they do and to shine His light and truth.  We also encourage our students to pursue character development with others through our mentor program and group work in class.

Other Courses: Students also have lessons in vocal music, art and physical education. Band is offered for grades five through eight in conjunction with the Dickinson Public Schools.

Testing Programs: Standardized testing will be administered on a yearly basis in appropriate grades. The Benchmark Assessment System is used to test students in Grades K-6 on their reading accuracy and comprehension.

Parents of enrolled students must be in agreement with school policies, purpose, philosophy and the
Statement of Faith.