Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Child to Hope Christian Academy


“Students attending Hope Christian Academy are educated on the foundation of God’s unchanging Word, equipping them for a Christian life of service and leadership.”

  1. HCA offers an experience your child will remember for a lifetime.
  2. Smaller class sizes allow for more individual attention.
  3. A safe and secure environment is provided for your child.
  4. Academic excellence is based on a Christian foundation.
  5. Curriculum is Christ-centered. From the earliest years, students are instructed that all of life belongs to God and was made for God.
    •     In science, students study God’s laws for the universe.
    •     In history, students study God’s unfolding plan for the ages and the redemption of His people.
    •     In literature, students learn how to test other writers by Christian standards so that they will appreciate what is good and true and discern what is false or dishonoring to God.
    •     In civics, students learn that true government was ordained by God and requires our loyalty and support.  They learn the principles of honesty, decency, and cooperation as rules that God has set up for the ordering of our life together.
  6. Spiritual development is encouraged through weekly chapel, daily Bible, Christian curriculum, and life lessons.
  7. Students are instructed on how to study the Bible, how to pray and how to live a Christ-like life.
  8. Students are instructed by teachers who give evidence of good moral character and serve as godly role models.
  9. Students are prepared in academics and life skills for high school and beyond.  They are taught to think for themselves, stand up for their convictions, to engage the world around them and to be involved in their communities in order to make a difference in the world in which they live.
  10. Judeo-Christian values that Christian parents strive to teach in the home are reinforced.