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Our Staff

Administrator: Mr. Shane Bradley


  • Preschool: Mrs. Deb Dohrmann
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade P.M.: Mrs. Tanis Marschner
  • 1st Grade A.M.: Mrs. Maria Hammond
  • 2nd Grade: Mrs. Wendy Timmerman
  • 3rd Grade: Miss Cassie Klitzke
  • 4th Grade: Mrs. Sandra Bernhardt
  • 5th Grade: Mrs. Beth Scammon
  • Jr. High/High School History: Mr.Ethan Delvo
  • Jr. High/High School English: Mrs..Georgia Blain
  • Jr. High/High School Math: Mr. Brett Eliason
  • Jr. High/High School Science: Mrs. Trista Mohr
  • Spanish: Mr. Shane Bradley
  • High School Home Economics: Mrs. Tori Irwin/ Mrs. Deb Dohrman
  • Physical Education: Mrs. Reshell Freeman & Mrs. Sarah Gelsinger
  • Art: Mrs. Tonya Wilson
  • Music: Mrs. Beth Scammon


  • Administrative Assistants: Mrs. Amy Czapiewski & Mrs. Audra Klitzke
  • Daycare Provider: Mrs. Sarah Melland
  • Librarian: Mrs. Sharon Gegelmann
  • Development Director: Mrs. Debbie Dazell
  • Financial Secretary: Mrs. Carma Daley